Asmodeus X

Bio: The unofficial 'Black Corps' of the industrial underground, Asmodeus X comes forth to burn with fire. New alchemy for blood youth. A new blood groove for serpentine conciousness.

Sythesizing electro, darkwave, expressionist, Goetic, Objectivist and Left-Hand Path elements, Asmodeus X is creating a unique hybrid for a visionary future. The sound has been described as Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, even "Folktronica".

Voted Critics Choice for best Industrial/Noise Act by the 2000 Houston Press Music Awards, Asmodeus X continues sharpening long knives on the pavement. Asmodeus X has shared stages with such notables as Attrition, Diva Destruction, Provision, Bamboo Crisis, Bozo Porno Circus, Vesperian Sorrow, Exceed 6 Doses, and Nocturne.

Photograph by C.L. Vest Photography

Asmodeus X Gallery by C.L. Vest Photography

Houston’s darkwave Asmodeus X goes acoustic [about the coming "Black Fire" EP]

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Black Fire EP

Dark Ides of Summer

The Bright Ones



New Mind Emergence

Primal River Valley (compilation)

Crucified Serpent Breakbeat

Voices of the Fallen