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After nearly three years in the studio, Asmodeus X releases their third album: Sanctuary. Sanctuary journeys into the cosmic realms of dark techno and trance inspired EBM, with great tracks like Glass Towers, Caves of Steel, and Alxemist. The title track Sanctuary is already receiving club play from advance demos.

Track 10: Darker Shores has already been written about in the book, Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, by Gary Hill of Music Street Journal. This track is actually a reworking of early materials and features guitar work from departed Asmodeian Frank Faust.

Track 6: On a Spaceship with Beelzebub was originally written for the Cult of the Naassarene, and features guest guitar work by former Morphine Angel guitarist Deros Mezmeronicus.

Track 7: Microcosm includes a spoken-word guest appearance by Typhon Vortex.

Track 11: Kriegsmaschinen includes German translation by Opus of Divaided.

With themes of space migration, machine revolt, and desert combat, Sanctuary takes the listener on a tour of the chaotic madness of our modern-day world, and then directs our attention to the worlds beyond and a place of rest, a place of safety.

Released by Kreislauf Records and Licensed through Latex Records, Sanctuary is also available via iTunes.

01. Typhoon
02. Sanctuary
03. Glass Towers
04. Mars Collide
05. Syn
06. On a Spaceship with Beelzebub
07. Microcosm
08. Astaroth
09. Caves of Steel
10. Darkers Shores
11. Kriegsmaschinen
12. Alxemist

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On a Spaceship with Beelzebub