Various Artists > Primal River Valley: The Past By Way of the Future

A study of the Ancient Near East set to EBM, Darkwave, Trance, and other modern forms of club oriented electronica. 2 CDs full of great new music featuring known and unknown artists and many exclusives. [continuous play loop]

01. Mystified w/Orange County "Eden River Valley I"*
02. Asmodeus X "Krishna (Wierd Blue Light Mix)"
03. Grigori 3 "Awakening"
04. Jailbird "Majestic Sacrifice (Mind Confusion remix)"*
05. URN "Shadow Dancer (Nimbus Remix)"
06. Somna M. Bulist "Invocation to Raphael (Suite Myx by Soy SOS)"
07. Hungry Lucy "In The Circle (Louisa John-Krol Remix)"*
08. Seventh Image "Martyr"*
09. Kali Yuga "Jackal Head (Son of Osiris)"*
10. Silvercord "Autopilot (hEADaCHE re:mix)"
11. Container "Fallen" (+Bonus Video)

01. Container "Finding A River"
02. Solace "Nila"
03. Flint Glass "Teotihuacan"*
04. Cryptomnesia "Daimonic Shadows"*
05. Shidoshi "Seven Veils"*
06. The Dreamside "Goddesses"
07. Elektronika "Darkness"
08. Sangsara "New Dawn"
09. Anguisette "Spherical"
10. Crüxshadows "East"
11. Ashes Adryft "Human Shame"*
12. LEX DECIMATE "Divine Eye"*
13. i.e. Gnome "The Scarab Stomp
(featuring King Ramses and his merry band of tomb looters)"*
14. Afterchain "Portray"
15. Little Tin Box "Torment"
16. Laura Powers "The World Is A River (mix by Michael Riddick)"*
17. Mystified w/Orange County "Eden River Valley II"*

*Exclusive Tracks
+Also features the video for "Fallen" by Container

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Container "Fallen"

Grigori 3 "Awakening"

Flint Glass "Teotihuacan"

The Dreamside "Goddesses"

Anguisette "Spherical"

Crüxshadows "East"

i.e. Gnome "The Scarab Stomp"