Asmodeus X > Dark Ides of Summer

Emerging magic and mystery in the midst of the Dog Days of Summer and under the guiding light of Sirius the Dog Star, the long awaited 5th studio release of Asmodeus X, The Dark Ides of Summer. Released July 31st, 2018. This is Asmo’s darkest album yet! 10 great tracks present an Asmoeus X you’ve never heard before!

01. Descendants of the Portal
02. Go to the Heavens
03. Dark Ides of Summer feat. Spike the Percussionist
04. Planetary Confederation
05. Venus in My Sky
06. Carousel of Hate
07. Psylon 1
08. Something I Missed
09. Other Side of the Portal feat. Jim Chisholm
10. Vapor

Recorded 2015 - 2016 at The Blue Room Studio on the South Side of Houston Texas, with Paul Fredric, Joel 313 and Chris Vasquez (Skeleton Dick, 30 Foot Fall), and featuring a guest appearance by Spike the Percussionist (Fiddle Witch, Astrogenic Hallucinauting).
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