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Morningstar tells the Promethean story of a fall from grace, a struggle for identity, and the emergence of self-aware being. For this effort Asmodeus X is delving deep into the spheres of ebm, darkwave, future-pop and trance. A wholly synthetic effort drawing on analogue, digital and vintage synths, electronic percussion, vocoders, etc., Morningstar seeks to explore the seductively forbidden side of the human psyche and the essence creation, with hypnotic beats and darkly rich synth layers that point to a new paradigm for electronic music.

01. Morningstar
02. Voices of the Fallen
03. Sons of Midnight
04. Against the Moon
05. Kreislauf
06. S.E.T.I.
07. Roman P
08. L.O.D.
09. Crucified Serpent
10. Krishna
11. Morningstar (Visionary Mix)

CD includes:
Voices of the Fallen (VIDEO)

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