Kali Yuga

In Ruin A New Beginning, The Age Of Splendor Forms Again...

BIO: I am fascinated with the role of destruction in the cycle of existence. Foundations toppled, institutions rent asunder in order for life, progression, evolution, creation and change to occur. At first glimpse these extinguishments seem a tragic, pointless, cruel and devastating interruption in our comfortable ordered lives, but not always and definitely not forever. The snake, once again has devoured her tail.

Formed in 1999 by Riley Bordelon and former member Gregory Robinson out of the crushing boredom of library school, Kali Yuga?s sound is ?The fossils of extinct reptiles, decayed empires and the remains of dead ex-girlfriends all commingled in the anoxic mud of the swamp.? Others have described Kali Yuga?s sound as guitar driven gothic rock they have been compared to the likes of Fields Of The Nephilim, The Damned, early Cult and even The Doors. Many of the themes explored by the group relate, to the black atmosphere of South Louisiana, personal loss, the horrors and tribulations of the modern world, and the heroic flaws of humanity. Interwoven into to this collage are paganistic beliefs, myth and an ample sprinkling of Lovecraftian allusion, all of this seething and writhing with a sense that somehow everything has just gone terribly wrong. Reformed in 2001 with new members and live percussion, Kali Yuga is currently working on their first full-length release ?The Cosmology Of Decay?, expected to be out March 2006.


The Cosmology of Decay

Primal River Valley (compilation)