Kali Yuga > The Cosmology of Decay

Kali Yuga's album, The Cosmology Of Decay is a sonic exploration of the processes that move all of life towards disorganization, disorder and decay. These songs are beautiful yet desolate landscapes, scattered bones, dilapidated mansions and forgotten histories. Along this path of introspection, hymns are sung to forgotten gods, mythologies, pantheons, lost loves and life ways. This CD is a museum, a collection of artifacts, insects pinned under glass, a reliquary of ancestral skulls. To conjure this sonic cabinet of curiosities, Kali Yuga calls upon many influences from the past, the bygone days of post punk and gothic rock infused with the dark atmosphere of the rotting south. With soaring frenetic guitars and tribal drumming this album stands as a fetish against and a tribute to this inevitable Iron Age.

01. Aliza
02. The Cosmology Of Decay
03. Jackal Head
04. Submarine
05. Swampwizard
06. Trace
07. Perish
08. Ada Marsh
09. Unrequited, Unforgiven
10. London Dungeon

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