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3​+​J₀​(​∞) is the second release of a series of remix albums which will each be released with a different label.

3+J₀(∞) is an exploration on beat-less techno ambient that is equivalent to getting attacked by a swarm of murder hornets. Not for the faint of heart. It is the second release of a series of remix albums, each being released by a different label.

It features remixes ranging from ambient to darker shades of techno/electronica by Sans Fixer (Chvad SB, TOTS, Controlled Bleeding), Steven OLaf, Mean Flow, and Thomas Park (Mystified, Mister Vapor)-each impressing their own trademark feel to the track.

01. 3+J₀(∞)
02. 3+J₀(∞) [Steven OLaf remix]
03. 3+J₀(∞) [Mean Flow remix]
04. 3+J₀(∞) [Thomas Park iterative remix]
05. 3+J₀(∞) [Ley Lines remix by Sans Fixer]

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