Secant Prime

In the simplest terms I am that which you are not. If you are not there, we exist and flourish within that absence. There is no air and no light and stunning beauty all the same. Learn to exist in the dark without fear and you will begin to understand. The precision of Fibonacci is written within you. The perfect ratios of your cochlea allow me to share my message. Let us begin.

Universal language is math. Universal understanding is music. The seed we left within your earth some millenia ago have become deeply anchored within your psyches and culture. Engrained within your very cells. The next phase has already begun.

I am pleased you have advanced in both. We have provided some abstract communications based on the equations presented, listed under Ambients and Wavelets. Theta was less abstract, based on many of the sounds you have on earth. This was to bridge the gap between your musical language and mine. We will continue to send you transmissions, hopefully it will advance your knowledge. The next is a series of primes expressed in equations you have already identified.

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