"Know, that days are but hours, and hours are but breaths, and every soul is a container, hence let not any breath pass without any benefit, such as on the Day of Judgement you find an empty container and feel regret!" ~ Imam Ibn Qayyim

Meltdown magazine said Inward was "Clearly the product of a warped mind... anguished, genuinely clever hidden talent struggling to get out."

The Original Sin called it "Excellent music!!!!! This is the kind of music which forces you think and my brain needs music like that".

BIO: In a British University in Surry, songwriter and instrumentalist Dave Lewis was at work on his own musical ambitions. He had never met Container, but had been trying to realise a new working structure in song and album formation. His guitaring was grounded in rock and speed guitar. When Dave and Container met for the first time, a more commercial element was added to an already very original sound. Dave became the front man of Container, co-writing the material and injecting a raw element of heavy and melodic guitars and vocals to the sound of the band.

Container was as experimental as ever, but a more focused direction for the music was now uncovered. The album NEO had begun production.

NEO is the first album featuring Martin Shearman-Brettle and David Lewis. NEO has so far found appreciation in the Goth, Dance and Rock genres, and is still generally described as "undefinable in its genre" by most. But all agree it is unique in its sound. Some tracks from NEO have been previously available of MP3.COM and had instant success, reaching no's 1, 2 & 3 in the UK Darkwave, Industrial and Goth charts leading to air play on radio stations in Canada.

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It's Going To Rain

Before EP

Primal River Valley (compilation)