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Saint Martyn is a project born of real pain. Bed ridden from CRPS, the most painful medical condition known to mankind, Saint Martyn took this never-ending pain and channelled it into his debut album: Smile.

Smile is a dark musical journey presented from a place of truth. It explores what it is like to live with 24/7 chronic pain and what this can do to a person.

Smile's debut single, Aubrey Plaza Smile, refers to the fake smile adopted to hide what is really going on beneath the skin. Aubrey Plaza Smile also has a dark and disturbing video featuring a distinctly creepy deepfaked rendition of Aubrey Plaza.

Sonically, Saint Martyn on Smile draws the bleakness of 90s acts such as Massive Attack, Tricky, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails and the cold chill of 70s acts such as Ultravox!, Joy Division, John Carpenter, Gary Numan and The Human League through the more recent lens of Iamamiwhoami, Zola Jesus, Chelsea Wolfe and John Foxx.

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01. 2020
02. The Hidden One
03. Is This Hell
04. When Will The Change Come
05. Aubrey Plaza Smile
06. 2021
07. The Echo or The Word
08. When Heaven Needed You
09. Opus

Mixed by Mitia Wexler at
Mastered by Ant Banister at Mantravision Productions
Available At:

Aubrey Plaza Smile
(Official Video)