Charly Beck > Spirit of Nine

Man strides in flux sinking into the void of the hole in their hearts. Legends are streaming into thoughts forming blurry visions of what will come. Apart from gnosis or eyes wide open staring into the gap of awareness: Once the seal is broken we can't escape those swarms flushing through the portal. They will make up their effect.

Charly Beck's album "Spirit of Nine" features various independent artists of the dark scene. Though the genre's vary widely oscillating among Dark Synth Wave, Synth Pop, Trip Hop and Industrial/EBM all the pieces work to create a unified whole.

It is a mystic journey through the mental process of falling stars and the rising phoenix. The concept "Out of the dark into the light" is not only reflected by the progression of moods through the album. The story is not only an incident of healing, it also admits a lasting circumstance attentive listeners might discover.

01. Recurrence (feat. René & Susan Mußbach)
02. Out Of Never (Instrumental)
03. Spirit of Nine (feat. René & Susan Mußbach)
04. Progenitor (feat. Introspect Void)
05. Argumentum in Terrorem (feat. Introspect Void)
06. Every Cent of my Heart (feat. Introspect Void)
07. Shapes of the Operator
08. Owner of Stolen Goods (Instrumental)
09. Day After Tomorrow (feat. René Mußbach)
10. Branding
11. Too Late (Instrumental)
12. Bittersweet Monument (Instrumental)
13. Into The Ever (feat. René & Susan Mußbach) [Album Version]
14. Epilog (Instrumental)
15. Spirit of Nine (Draft Version) [Bonus Track]

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