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Finul is the result of years of trial and error and experimentation recorded between 2011 and 2017 using a minimal approach and recording setup and requiring lots of revisions along the way. BentWithLight was conceived in 1999 and by 2010 felt a large multi-track studio would be required to gain the sound they were looking for but later realized they had unknowingly accumulated the sounds that would influence their current sound sculpture after spending years building up a large sample collection of live dubs on CDr. Some of the artists main influences include Skinny Puppy, Godflesh, Einsteurzende Neubaten, Psychic TV, & Scorn.

Once their initial preconceptions were dropped things began to take shape. You'll find a lot of Glitch and cut-n-paste involved as sounds were dubbed, ripped, edited, resampled, and eventually resequenced to keyboard. Gain staging and saturation played a big part with old gear and overloading signal processors. "Megavoid" was the last track to be completed as new gear was added to the setup and much of the material was played live.

While BentWithLight (aka Stevey Seven) enjoys creating their own graphic work, often from their own photography, the cover art was taken by DJ Textbeak while in Japan but was chosen because he felt it was a perfect fit for the album. Ironically, Stevey Seven previously of TVKill had taken his own hiatus around the same time as Latex Records founder TG Mondalf. Thus, while they met long ago during early DIY efforts, and TVKill has appeared on Latex Records before with their track "Trust" on the label's very first release "Electro Age I: The Awakening", both were meeting again and returning from hiatus and experiencing a sort of rebirth after transformation.

Finul remains very true to Industrial's roots and growth over the years and conveys a feeling of humanity within mechanization and commodification. The album is nihilistic to some extent but beneath the surface also reflects contempt for that philosophy. Like the cover image, "The Beast" represents struggle, conflict, and survivalism through either defeating the monster or becoming it.

01. Feast Of Famine
02. Future Jihad Messiah
03. Redstate
04. The Light In Your Eyes
05. Used Once And Thrown Away
06. Crossfire
07. Killer
08. Megavoid
09. Poisoner

Written, Produced, and Recorded by Stevey Seven at 5AM Studio
"Megavoid" Recorded live in one take
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