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The Latex Fetish compilation series is a collection of tracks about sexuality, fetishes, bondage, sadomasochism, dominance and submission, and various kinks. The firsts in the series LUST focuses mainly on the theme of lust but also covers a few fetishes and bdsm related topics.

This CD layout is designed as a 6 panel eco-wallet with an 8 page booklet. All panels and pages contain NSFW images in red/blue contrast lighting artistic 'erotic' nude photography shot by UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography of models Hada Pixie and Sakura Stars.

Concept: TG Mondalf
CD Layout & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Photography: UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography
Models: Hada Pixie & Sakura Stars

01. FlammPunkt (feat. DJ Shibari) "Rubber Pants (WXLR Mix)" † * Facebook Bandcamp
02. Xtort "Domination (Lust Mix)" Facebook Bandcamp
03. The Trash Gentlemen "Pissing Party"
Also Available on Arsonic
04. MACHINE ROX "Massage" Δ Official Website Facebook
05. Steven OLaf "Oral Fixation" Δ Facebook
06. Ars Sonor "Bouvet Island (Sexy Mix)" Δ
07. The Whip Angels "To Be Dirty" * Facebook Twitter Instagram Bandcamp SoundCloud YouTube
08. Mauerbrecher "The Seal is Broken" Δ
09. She Pleasures Herself "Dance With Her" Facebook Bandcamp
Also Available on Fetish
10. Cosmicity (as Mark Nicholas) "Green" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
Also Available on Duchess 33
11. Written In Ashes "Lucky Devil (Rebeaten)"
12. Blut Reaktor "Psycho Sexual 2017" Δ Official Website Facebook Twitter Vampire Freaks SoundCloud
13. Dead Left Eye "Pig Suede" Δ Official Website
14. Semmath "Red Light Distraction" Δ Facebook SoundCloud
15. YISX "Beyond the Point" * +

Δ Exclusive
+ Exclusive Mix
* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Philippe Gerber: All Real Sound
† Mixed by Mitia Wexler:

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