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"New Mind Emergence" is about the Emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how it may affect us (all humans) for good or ill. Artists were requested to create a track related to this topic in this genre either from fact or fiction. What this created was a unique 2CD collection of electronic music about artificial intelligence and robotics in Industrial, EBM, and experimental electronica. This is the second disc containing OVER TWO HOURS of all ambient, drone, and experiemntal tracks.

Concept: TG Mondalf
Cover Design: Heru-Set Productions
Cover Art: Thomas Park
Music Curated by Thomas Park of Mystified and Mister Vapor
Originally Released on TreeTrunk Records in cooperation with Latex Records

01. Acclimate - "Roko's Basilisk"
02. Adrian Shenton - "OrTomata"
03. Autonomaton - "Rusty Robot's Dream"
04. Mystified - "Mystic Spark"
05. DeeperNET - "Cluster"
06. Jack Hertz - "Gamification Nation"
07. Cedric von Flugel - "SHANGHai"
08. Christopher Alvarado - "Greed, Enemy Of Nature"
09. Secant Prime vs. Veniculture - "iDrone"
10. Tim Kays - "My Name Is Five"
11. Mister Vapor - "Learning Curve"
12. Disturbed Earth - "Strangeways"
13. Dan Stubbs - "Binary Sentience"
14. EugeneKha - "Robocity Morning"
15. Dr. NoiseM - "Now And Then"
16. Nathan Carter - "Observation Sickness"
17. Gurdonark - "The Robot Smiles Upon Enlightenment"
18. Mean Flow - "Self-Esteem Machine"
19. Baxter Tocher - "Cognitive Shift"
20. Jeremy Ensley - "Millard's Law"
21. [owt kri] - "Temptations"

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