Nox Arcana: Grimm Tales

Grimm Tales (Audio CD)

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01. Fable
02. Twilight
03. Once Upon a Nightmare
04. Shadow Forest
05. Eyes in the Dark
06. The Hollow
07. Sylvan Spirits
08. Wicked Heart
09. Conjuration
10. Night Wraiths
11. Deep in the Woods
12. The Forgotten Path
13. Fairy Tale
14. Crone’s Caverns
15. Rise to Destiny
16. Labyrinth of Dreams
17. Castle of Nightmares
18. Hall of the Witch Queen
19. Ave Sinistra
20. Black Spires
21. Darkly Everafter
* Grimm Medley

This release by Nox Arcana shows a bit more of their versatility while remaining true to their overall dark sound. For those who listen to my podcast, you have heard the introductory track Fable on my first Gothic podcast. This track sets up the general haunting feeling while also portraying a tase of innocence with the fairly music-box sounds used. I absolutely love it, it is strikingly memorable to hear and very haunting. The effects in The Hollow always catch me by surprise after the previous musical piece. You can very easily imagine yourself amongst very tall and dark woods with owls, primal spirits, evil witches, and other things that howl and flutter in the night. Sylvan Spirits has a sense of dark royalty to it, much like the dark elves featured in Hellboy II. Generally speaking, anyone familiar with my concept behind the Dark Fey will likely recognize that this album could easily be its soundtrack. Deep In The Woods is another of my favorites. It’s spooky and contains various elements of fairytale and gothic horror, which in many ways is the overriding theme of the album. The Forgotten Path is like a dark pagan gypsy rhythm and reminds me quite a bit of Dead Can Dance. I also have a special affinty to Crone’s Cavern as it reminds me of dreams I’ve had all my life both while sleeping and meditating and which has helped form my own spiritual path perspectives. I really want to thank Nox for producing this album. It’s something that reaches deep within an touches me personally in unique way that cannot be described but hopefully will be understood when my own Dark Fey project is complete. Labyrinth of Dreams takes off where the “music-box” theme of Fable left off and expands on the theme. The combination of music-box and vocals here remind me a bit of Danny Elfman’s Edward Scissorhands soundtrack but much darker and more brooding. Darkly Everafter is yet another favorite on this album and a fitting ending. Obviously inspired by the Grimm Fairytales, Nox Arcana portrays the mood of these stories aptly through musical composition. So, next time you lay down to read a dark fairy tale, put this on softly in the background and chill the children!


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