Introspect Void

Bio: The music of Introspect Void pulls together a loose narrative using themes from futurism, science fiction and arcane mythologies. This narrative is a random access myth. Its anachronistic nature leaves the intended meaning nebulous and up to the interpretation of the listener. The narrative is never complete. Each new addition will fill another gap or expand upon one of the existing patterns.

The history of Introspect Void lays in the dust at the feet of the dozen or so members that have participated in the collective since the end days of the 20th century. The collective has included artists, musicians, technicians and system architects who all have participated in punctuated moments of the narrative with only a core three members remaining constant. IV's narrative stands outside these personalities and is intended to be a quantity unto itself.

IV has released many remixes and tracks over the years on various compilations and one-offs. "Behind the Fallen Monuments of Time" is the 4th full length release from Introspect Void and is the first released on Latex Records.

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Behind the Fallen Monuments of Time

New Mind Emergence

AETHER (compilation)

WATER (compilation)

AIR (compilation)

EARTH (compilation)

Disembodied Voices (compilation)

The Beast Within (compilation)

Subterranean Passages Vol. 1 (compilation)

Argumentum in Terrorem (Aer)